Introducing our Faculty Fellows: 

Jenny Bennett, Laura Burrows, A.J. Colianni, Lisa Hunninghake, Alexis Kent, Katy Pearson, Carolina Olaya, Jay Rainville-Squier, Sébastien Saunoi-Sandgren, Anne Savage, Kim Schafer, Katie Scherer, Carey Sirianni, Sarah Strong, Ty Thayer, Sara Thorne, Jessica Wanless, and Marcy Wegner.  Congratulations!


Spring 2017

April 6,7,8

PCC Faculty Fellows received training in Teaching for All Kinds of Minds and using a neurodevelopmental framework in their professional practice. They learned about taking a mind, brain, and education (MBE) approach to understanding learning and learners and finding ways you can help bridge the gap between research and practice. Their role in the school is critical as a peer leader, supporter, and guide. 

Fall 2017

As early-adopters, your role has shifted to your own reflective practice and peer support. 

Spring 2018

All Faculty Fellows will receive additional training in preparation for our all-faculty training April 2,3,4 2018. Select Faculty Fellows will also receive training as certified Facilitators for Teaching for All Kinds of Minds. Along with Facilitators from the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, they will lead all-faculty training.

As a part of our community partnership model, we are exploring possibilities to create a PCC Summer Institute to introduce Breck as a center for MBE excellence. A summer institute will provide a venue for participants throughout the Midwest to experience day-long learning intensives focused on becoming research-informed students, parents, and teachers. Faculty Fellows will be invited to play a key role in the planning, development and implementation of the Summer Institute.

Summer 2018

2018-2019 School Year

During this school year devoted to reflective practice, you will guide your faculty cohort in goal-setting, reflective inquiry, and collaborative case-based conversations about teaching and learning using a neurodevelopmental and NeuroTeach/MBE perspective. Action research projects in collaboration with university research teams will be supported by select faculty and Faculty Fellows.