Daisy Pellant, Ph.D.

Daisy is the Director of the Peter Clark Center at Breck. Her role is to help students understand learning and themselves as learners, engage families in effectively supporting their children as learners, and inspire faculty to develop their expertise in pedagogy aligned with current neuroscience. Throughout her education and career, Daisy has taken a strengths-based approach to understanding human development. Plans to become a juvenile court lawyer were modified after early work as a clinical counselor in Auckland and youthworker with Pillsbury Neighborhood Services and the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. A lifelong learner, Daisy earned two Master’s degrees (Curriculum and Instruction/Mind, Brain, and Education) and a Ph.D. (Developmental Educational Psychology) while serving as a classroom teacher, faculty development director, school counselor, and psychologist in independent schools internationally and in the US . She has worked with faculty, children and families PK-12, undergraduate and graduate students. Daisy can be reached by eMail daisy.pellant@breckschool.org or by phone: 763-381-8346.



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Sarah Flotten, Ed.M.

Sarah is the Coordinator for the Peter Clark Center at Breck. In addition to her leadership of the PCC, she has taught at Breck since 1990. She currently teaches 8th-grade Modern Global Issues. Sarah is a Breck Master Teacher, an honor bestowed on select faculty who have demonstrated outstanding pedagogy and teacher leadership. A graduate of Breck, Sarah has taught 6th-grade history, Project Adventure, coached girls soccer and basketball, led the Washington D.C. trip, and has been the Dean of Students for 5th & 6th Grades. Sarah majored in History as an undergrad and earned a Bush Leadership Fellowship to complete her Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning. She enjoys helping faculty implement research-informed practices into their classrooms. In the summers, Sarah co-directs a summer camp in Northern Ontario and feels equally at home in a canoe and her classroom. She can be reached by eMail sarah.flotten@breckschool.org or by phone:763.381.8347.



eMail daisy.pellant@breckschool.org phone: 763-381-8346.


eMail sarah.flotten@breckschool.org phone: 763.381.8347.