The Importance of Resilience for Kids With Learning and Attention Issues

By Donna Volpitta

At a Glance

  • Resilience is an important life skill for children with learning and attention issues.
  • Being resilient can help kids learn coping skills and find solutions to problems.
  • There are many ways you can help your child develop resilience.

It’s not easy to see your child have a setback, especially after she’s worked really hard. But it can be hard to avoid. Kids with learning and attention issues face challenges other kids don’t. They struggle in school. And they may have trouble with everyday skills like self-control, following directions or picking up on social cues.

But facing challenges and learning from them can have an upside. It can help your child build resilience. This vital life skill is what allows kids to tackle their challenges despite having setbacks. Learn more about what resilience means and how to help your child develop it.